“Ride the Gold Rush – Invest When Everyone Else is in Panic!

The old saying goes, “buy when there’s blood in the streets”, and in today’s volatile industry, that could not be truer. Oil is becoming the new gold as prices remain volatile, making it both a risky and a potentially lucrative market for investors. With major oil producers meeting and prices fluctuating, there is increased speculation of what the future of this commodity may hold. For investors with a long-term outlook, there is certainly money to be made when it comes to investing in oil when prices are low. One strategy to take advantage of the situation could be to buy oil when the market dips below certain levels. Even though this carries additional risk, it may be worth considering if there is seemingly good chance of the market stabilizing after the investment is made. Though this approach is certainly not without risk, investors who do decide to buy in during times of “blood in the streets’ may find that it is worth the risk. As countries around the world, including United States and OPEC members, are all attempting to regulate production and push prices higher, it stands to reason that the prices could rise in the longer term, and therefore offer investors potential returns. Investors should also remember that it is important to diversify their investments in order to lower risk exposure, and oil is no exception to this. Buying in during times of “blood in the streets” could therefore be seen as a contrarian move, if done correctly, and if managed appropriately, it could pay off for those who take the plunge. As always, it is important to seek professional advice before any investments are made.

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