Stay Focused for Inevitable Gold Price Breakout with Tavi Costa!

For investors racing to keep up with the roller coaster gold prices of the past few weeks, one veteran commodities analyst is sounding the alarm that a gold price breakout is inevitable – and could even happen as soon as the coming weeks. Tavi Costa, a senior investor and commodities expert with over 20 years of experience in the commodities industry, believes the gold market is about to enter a period of tremendous volatility, driven by a flurry of macroeconomic events. Costa cites the make-or-break round of US-China trade negotiations and the approaching Brexit deadline, combined with US-Iran tensions and rising global inflation, as the primary catalysts for his prediction of drastic hikes in gold price over the next few weeks. Costa emphasizes that, now more than ever, it would be very wise for investors to keep a close eye on the gold price movements. He encourages investors to be strategic and tactful in managing their portfolios, staying alert for opportunities to accumulate assets when the prices are at dips, as well as monitoring risk ratios accordingly. Though, he cautions that this moment in time is a unique one because of its unprecedented levels of both uncertainty and risk. In spite of this uncertainty and the upcoming events that could cause drastic price swings, Costa concludes that a gold price breakout is unavoidable. Investors should take heed of his advice and remain laser-focused on following the gold price movements closely, so as to take advantage of opportunities as they appear.

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