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“Desantis Dares To Take On Trump: A Risky Move For His GOP Supporters?

At a rally in Florida last Saturday night, Governor Ron DeSantis showed that he is starting to distance himself from former President Donald Trump’s increasingly unpopular platform. While the Governor had been a strong supporter of Trump over the past four years, his more recent comments demonstrate a distinct shift in tone. DeSantis cautioned Trump to “stand for election integrity and law and order” and to “stop the bad rhetoric.” His statement was met with both applause and jeers, but overall the crowd was supportive. DeSantis is well aware that his state is home to many hardcore Trump supporters and knows he risks alienating some of them with his new stance. The Governor’s shift in tone is likely in part due to the mounting criticism that Trump has faced over the past year. This includes Trump’s false claims of widespread election fraud and his inflammatory rhetoric. In essence, DeSantis may be attempting to separate himself from Trump by appealing to a more moderate Republican base. DeSantis is also likely trying to position himself as a viable candidate for the 2024 election. Although some have questioned his priorities while in office, the Governor has been one of Trump’s most loyal defenders. By distancing himself from Trump’s more unpopular moments, DeSantis may be hoping to show that he has the presidential ambitions to forge a different path. It remains to be seen whether DeSantis’ strategy pays off. While he may be able to win over some moderate Republicans, it will be difficult to appease more hardline members of the party who continue to strongly support Trump. In this sense, DeSantis’ continued criticism of Trump may be a tough sell in the GOP.

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