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“Biden Kicks Off Middle East Trip with Visit to Israel

President Joe Biden is set to travel to Israel on Wednesday, May 19th, to attend to important diplomatic matters and to show his support for the Israeli people. The trip will also mark the President’s first visit to the region since the start of his administration. During his stay, Biden plans to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss security issues, the two-state solution, the Iran nuclear deal, and economic development. Additionally, Biden will meet with Palestinian leaders in order to attempt to secure a peace agreement between Palestine and Israel. This will be the first time a US President has visited Palestine since President Obama’s last trip in 2014. Biden’s first order of business will be to reaffirm the US’s unbreakable bond with Israel. This is especially pertinent considering the strained relationship between the US and Israel in the past four years under the Trump Administration. Biden will prove that the US will stand by and support Israel no matter what in terms of security and economic issues. Furthermore, Biden is expected to discuss the US’s recent diplomatic efforts in the region, including a renewed Iran nuclear deal and the recent normalization of relations between Israel and several Arab countries. Biden is likely to offer his support to Israel and Palestine as they seek to achieve a peaceful resolution to their conflict and encourage Palestinian unity. Biden will also emphasize the importance of regional security and cooperation between US allies in the Middle East. Biden’s visit comes at a time of trepidation and tension, with Palestinians continuing to protest the occupation of Israeli settlements. Biden will seek to secure a flicker of hope to both sides as he attempts to bridge the gap between Israeli and Palestinian leaders.

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