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“David McCormick: Pennsylvania GOP Senate Bid Taking Shape!

David McCormick is set to announce a fresh bid for the United States Senate in Pennsylvania, according to recent reports. The Republican from Allegheny County has long sought a seat in Congress, and this time he’s hoping to unseat Democratic incumbent Robert Casey. David McCormick is likely to be facing an uphill battle in Pennsylvania. He is a graduate of Lehigh University and the University of Pittsburgh Law School, so he brings a lot of education and experience to the table. However, polls have consistently shown that Pennsylvania is becoming increasingly Democratic, at least on a national level. Regardless, David McCormick is expected to run an aggressive campaign, making use of his associations with powerful Republicans in the state. He was previously the Chief of Staff to former Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter and is a former trustee of the University of Pittsburgh. David McCormick is well-versed in campaigning. As both a Democrat as well as a Republican, he has run for Congress two other times. In 1998, he placed second in the Democratic primary for a position representing Cleveland in Ohio. In 2002, he was unsuccessful in his first bid for a congressional seat in Pennsylvania. David McCormick will need to focus on local, state, and regional issues to make a splash in Pennsylvania’s campaign trail. He is expected to address issues such as education reform, infrastructure investment, gun control, and the Affordable Care Act. Pennsylvanians will have to wait and see if David McCormick’s fresh Republican bid for the United States Senate will ultimately be successful. He’s facing some stiff competition, but he certainly has the connections and professional experience to make the race competitive.

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