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“Losing Again: The Constant Cost of Trumpism to the GOP

In the wake of yet another crucial election, the Republican Party is feeling the effects of Trumpism and the cost it has likely had on their election result. In the battleground state of Georgia, Democrats have flipped two Senate seats, for the first time since 1992. This is having a devastating impact on the GOP and its future. Across the country, voters are rejecting the Republican Party and it’s Trumpism-inspired policies, instead opting for the more measured and progressive policies of the Democrats. This shift in the political winds has been seen in a number of elections over the past four years and it sadly appears that the cost of Trumpism will be felt by the GOP for some time to come. The president’s rhetoric, his divisive policies and his refusal to compromise on issues has caused much heartache among Republicans, who were looking to be more competitive and appeal to the electorate in a more effective way. It appears that President Trump never listened to his closest advisors, as he continued to espouse the hard-right rhetoric that more and more voters are now finding unpalatable. To make matters worse, it appears that, regardless of the election result, Republicans will be paying heavily for the cost of Trumpism for the foreseeable future. With the Democrats having taken the Senate, the two parties will become much more divided and increasingly uncompromising on many of the issues that face our nation. The cost of Trumpism can also be seen in the results of other elections across the US. We are now living in a new era of politics, where the hard-right policies that the president championed are no longer as appealing as when they were first proposed. This election will likely be remembered as a turning point in the history of the GOP and the cost of Trumpism will likely remain a cautionary tale for the Trump-era Republicans. The Republican party must now retool and move away from the hard-right agenda that the president and his acolytes championed. Only then can the GOP regroup and become competitive in future elections.

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