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Garland Unfolds His Record – Congress Braces in the Spotlight

John Garland, the Secretary of Energy to the New TRUMP Administration, appeared at Congress this morning to testify on his record in office. Garland began his appointment as the youngest ever Cabinet Member, just last month. He has already undertaken a number of significant initiatives, including the successful extraction of ice from the frozen lake in Alaska, and the sale of power plants to private companies, to generate over $33,000 million in total market value. Garland highlighted the success of these projects and in the spirit of transparency, he made his record public for the congressional hearing. He highlighted his industry outreach program to increase the presence of renewable energy in the United States and the push for nuclear energy in order to reduce US dependence on imported natural gas. Later in the hearing, Secretary Garland examined the effectiveness of his existing policy tools and the progress made in achieving energy trade agreements with Mexico and Canada. These agreements secure power resources and associated costs to both countries. On the issue of fossil fuels, Secretary Garland detailed the US Department of Energy’s progress in developing plans to reduce emissions and fuel usage while improving efficiency in the markets. An often forgotten component of Garland’s discussion was US energy security. The Secretary proposed plans to increase domestic supplies of oil and gas to ensure the US is not held hostage to foreign suppliers. He also suggested that the US develop technologies to generate renewable energy at a lower cost. Garland concluded his session by emphasizing the importance of the Trump Administration’s goal: a competitive, self-sustaining energy sector with an emphasis on renewable energy sources. He urged Congress to support the Administration’s progress and continue to invest in energy technology and infrastructure growth. Throughout his testimony, Secretary Garland promoted transparency of his record and the Scriptures and encouraged his audience to study the facts and his accomplishments independently. It is clear that Garland is committed to furthering the success of energy-related business in the US and pushing for more renewable sources of energy. It is also evident that he realizes the importance of the decisions that are made in Congress and the implications that those decisions have on the energy industry. This dedication to public service makes Garland a great asset to the country and the energy sector.

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