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“A Political Who’s Who: See Who Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan Invite to their Donor Summit for 2024 Candidates!

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, both former presidential candidates and long-time statesmen, were joined by numerous 2024 candidates at their influential donor summit last week. The summit was hosted by the Romney Institute of Leadership and Public Service at the University of Utah and was attended by potential Republican nominees such as former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and Texas Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn. The summit was designed to assist each of the candidates in connecting with donors and to build a sustainable network of individuals who could help propel their presidential bid. Romney, who ran in 2012 and has since been vocal in the Republican Party, reminded candidates that he would support the eventual nominee, even if it was not one of the summit attendees. While Romney was noncommittal on plans to endorse a certain candidate, he has recently decided to skip the 2024 cycle. In their remarks, both Romney and Ryan focused on the need for unity within the Republican Party. They stressed the importance of listening to each other and working together in order to set a strong platform for the future. After the conclusion of the summit, it became evident that many of the attendees had contributed to a successful event. The donor summit, though not officially part of the 2024 election cycle, gave potential candidates the chance to gain exposure to influential individuals from the GOP and build a support network. While the future of Republican primaries is yet to be determined, last week’s summit creates a central hub for potential candidates to become stronger and create alliances with possible backers.

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