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“What Secrets are Buried in Biden’s Files? An Interview Uncovers the Truth

In a recent interview, president-elect Joe Biden was asked about the classified documents that were found at his office and home. Biden responded to the inquiry regarding the classified documents by affirming that he had no knowledge concerning its origin, and that he had no involvement in its gathering or dissemination. Biden went on to express his commitment to staying within the bounds of the law, noting that being the President of the United States is a “grave responsibility” and that he will always do his utmost to adhere to the laws of the nation. Biden also mentioned his commitment to a “transparent process” which is in line with his Declaration of Transparency which was released in October. The classified documents that have been found in Biden’s office and home consist of emails, memos, and other documents that are yet to be deciphered. Despite this, the FBI is continuing to investigate the discovered material as well as its possible ties to national security threats. It is important to note that up until now, no evidence linking Biden to illegal activities surrounding these classified documents has been uncovered. However, the investigation is ongoing and it remains to be seen what it will uncover. One thing is for sure: Biden is committed to upholding the laws of the country and he will do his best to ensure that nothing concerning this particular incident violates any statutes.

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