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“Say Goodbye To This Much-Loved New Year’s Eve Tradition, Thanks To Mother Nature!

It looks like beloved New Year’s Eve fireworks displays may soon go extinct. As climate change becomes an increasingly pressing issue, temperatures this winter are breaking records across the globe. That means more droughts in some areas and heavy storms in other, but for New Year’s Eve it could mean the end of the favorite tradition. The reason is that fireworks rely heavily on the environment. If it is too dry then the sparks they produce could easily ignite nearby wooded areas and cause fires. During heavy rainfall, moisture would prevent the materials used to make the fireworks from properly igniting or cause them to be too weak to show. These conditions could cause a beautiful display to be nothing but a fizzling sparkler, and a global threat of a lightless sky for the New Year celebration. The answer isn’t just to move away from fireworks entirely; plenty of safer alternatives to enjoy as the clock strikes twelve on New Year’s eve exist. Light shows, performances, and even marshmallow roasts can help people celebrate the New Year without risking a possible fire hazard. It’s unclear what the effects of climate change on New Year’s Eve traditions will be in the coming years, but one thing is certain – the tradition of fireworks nights may soon become a thing of the past. For a safe and fun New Year celebration, it might be a good idea to start considering alternatives now.

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