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Qatar PM Promises ‘Brighter Future’ After US-Iran Prisoner Exchange

In a recent interview, Qatar’s Prime Minister, Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser Al Thani, expressed confidence that United States and Iran’s recent prisoner exchange deal could lead to improved environmental conditions in the region. The exchange, which is the first major agreement between Washington and Tehran since the signing of the Iran nuclear deal in 2015, was announced late last month. It saw the release of eight Iranian prisoners in exchange for four Americans held by the Iranian government. Qatar PM Al Thani believes that the agreement may open up new possibilities for improved environmental conditions in the region, noting that both countries are committed to the fight against climate change and pollution. He noted that if Qatari governments can come together with a shared vision, the region will see a positive benefit in terms of the Earth’s climate as a result. Al Thani also noted the potential for improved environmental conditions as a result of increased economic development in the region, saying that “with more commercial exchanges between different nations and a thriving commercial market, [more sustainable] alternatives will start to thrive”. The Qatar PM believes that such economic growth will bring more incentives for businesses to use environmentally friendly practices, including recycling and protecting natural resources. Ultimately, Al Thani believes the prisoner exchange deal will bring new hope for better environmental conditions in Qatar and the surrounding region. He believes that this is the start of a positive change which, if embraced and supported by governments and the private sector, will create great strides in furthering sustainability in the region.

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