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Unearth Ancient Secrets: 2,000-year-old Child’s Shoe Found with Laces Intact!

In an incredible archaeological discovery this week, a team of researchers has unearthed an incredible find from the Roman era: a two-thousand-year-old child’s shoe, with the laces still intact. The ancient shoe, which had been preserved in remarkably good condition, was found in a villa located in the province of Arezzo, Italy. Apart from the laces, the remains also featured an intact small leather sole and even two metal studs still attached to the back of the shoe. The study leader Dr. Simona Minozzi stated that the shoe found “provides us with a fascinating insight into the life of a person from long ago.” She added that it was an extreme rarity to discover a child’s shoe from such a long time ago, that still contained laces. The study also reveals that the shoe was crafted in a similar way to that used for sandals, which leads researchers to believe that the child who owned the shoe may have been fairly affluent. The discovery provides important new information on the Roman era. As Minozzi explains, it proves that the Romans were making use of laces as early as two thousand years ago, revealing just how old this kind of shoe-fastening technology is. This incredible find promises to provide important archaeological information about the development of shoe-fastening technology in the ancient Roman world. It was an incredible find that will help us understand the skills of craftsmen and women of the day—not to mention the exceptional preservation of an item used by a child so long ago.

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