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Gratitude from Gazans Sweeps US Universities Amid Israel’s Call for Student Expulsions

Body: In a rather unexpected development from the Middle Eastern region, Gazans have extended a heartfelt gesture of gratitude towards protesters at various U.S. universities who stood up against Israeli policies. This remarkable incident comes as Israel’s government calls for the expulsion of those student protesters, leading to a moral clash and engendering a host of questions regarding academic freedom and political activism. The protests across several U.S. university campuses are aimed to highlight the plight of Palestinians enduring tough living conditions in Gaza and the West Bank. Students adopting the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement have been leading peaceful protests, demanding their institutions liquidate any financial investments supporting Israeli policies, specifically those infringing upon Palestinian human rights. Meanwhile in Gaza, citizens battling day-to-day life under economic and social hardships deeply appreciate this international show of solidarity. Their messages of gratitude reach the American students, emboldening their conviction to keep advocating for the Palestinian cause. After all, to these students, the right to educational opportunities, human rights, and dignity are universal, and should not be delimited by international borders or political conflicts. Interestingly, this has led to a direct conflict with Israeli authorities who demand these students be expelled. They argue that such protests harm Israel and its reputation internationally, consequently jeopardizing the safety and well-being of Jewish students on campus. Additionally, the Israeli authorities opine that these actions impede academic freedom and are perceived as an abuse of university resources. Nevertheless, many have contended this idea, arguing instead that activism is a fundamental aspect of the academic community. They maintain advocating for the rights of Palestinians does not equate to a threat to Jewish students. Amid such controversy, the students continue to protest, fuelled by the messages of gratitude from Gazans and the understanding of their responsibility to protect basic human rights universally. There has been a mixed response from the U.S. universities as well. While some colleges have taken a pro-Israel stance and are considering sanctions against these students, others uphold the freedom of speech, supporting their students to voice their concerns over human-rights violations. Several academic bodies and educators have also raised their voices against any proposed expulsion, with a staunch belief in the critical role universities play in fostering open dialogue about global issues and advocacy. In essence, the gratitude voiced from such a distant and troubled region like Gaza towards young student activists in U.S. universities, brings to light the profound impact of solidarity, the strength of collective voices, and the importance of

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