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“Desperate for DeSantis: Miami-Dade Voters Advocate For Governor, Disagree on President

On November 6th, the people of Miami-Dade County in Florida made their voices heard: they overwhelmingly voted for Ron DeSantis to become their governor, with 68.7% of the vote. However, when it comes to DeSantis as the next President of the United States, the majority of Miami-Dade County’s voters are making it clear that he’s not the one they’re looking for. Despite his high approval rating among Florida’s voters, DeSantis is not a frontrunner for the 2020 presidential nomination. This is in part due to his lack of name recognition in national voting circles—most people in the rest of the country don’t know who he is. But it’s also due to his record on various issues and his backing of controversial policies during his tenure as governor, which have drawn criticism from both sides of the aisle. Some Miami-Dade County voters have mixed feelings about DeSantis serving as governor. They appreciate the job he’s done in areas such as tackling the Zika virus, restoring the Everglades, and dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. However, they also point out his failure to address the ongoing water crisis in the region, his resistance to accepting refugees, his inability to get a handle on the gun violence epidemic, and his refusal to expand Medicaid access. At the same time, while they may not back DeSantis for president, they nearly all agree that he’s been a good governor for Miami-Dade County and that he should remain in the Governor’s Mansion in Tallahassee for the rest of his term. Clearly, the people of Miami-Dade County are a diverse group with a multitude of opinions. While they may agree that DeSantis is the right fit for governor, they’re not necessarily sold on having him as the next leader of the free world. It looks like their views on the matter might remain that way for some time.

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