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“Iowa’s Reynolds Unleashes on Trump, Backs DeSantis

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has made it clear that she does not share President Donald Trump’s support for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. In a public statement, Reynolds declared that she is supporting fellow Republican Governor Kristi Noem for the 2024 GOP Presidential nomination, rather than joining Trump in his vocal support of DeSantis. In her address to the media, Reynolds asserted that while she holds President Trump in high regard, and recognizes the accomplishment his presidency has had for the Republican Party, she also firmly believes that Governors Noem and DeSantis both bring unique perspectives and solutions to the table that the party can benefit from. Furthermore, Reese argued that in the 2024 presidential race, the GOP must expand their reach beyond simply the “Trump base” if they intend to reclaim the White House. She laid out a three-pronged approach she believes the party should take to achieve greater success, which includes focusing on issues like health care and the cost of living, more effectively communicating their platforms on bigger issues such as immigration, and reaching out to voters in both rural and urban areas. Reese condemned those who blindly follow the Trump agenda, noting that the party must be willing to listen to all of the voices within its ranks if they are to succeed in future elections. She called for the GOP to be open to new ideas and interpretations of their platform and to embrace a more diverse lineup of candidates to reach a wider swath of the electorate. The Iowa Governor’s comments are being seen as a rebuke of President Trump, who has been steadfast in his support of DeSantis and has voiced his disdain for criticism of DeSantis. By throwing her support behind Noem, Reynolds has made it clear that she is willing to deviate from the President’s views if it means helping to further grow the party and regain the White House in the next election.

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