Unstable Uranium: Justin Huhn Predicts Price Spike Due to “Supply Black Hole

As the news of the depleted uranium market comes into the spotlight, Justin Huhn of mining company, Solaris Resources Inc. believes a boost in prices is inevitable. The uranium market has been suffering from a supply black hole that has been ongoing since the Fukushima disaster in 2011. Despite solar and wind market sectors booming and replacing the need for uranium, Huhn believes that this shortage may lead to a spike in prices for what is already a volatile material. Solaris Resources Inc., who produces uranium in the Arizona region, has noted that mine productivity in the last few years has suffered as a result of the loss of suppliers in the aftershock of Fukushima. Also, a lack of commercial interest since 2011 has meant that new research and development processes for uranium production have been lacking. These two issues have resulted in a depletion of the raw material with little chance of any resurgence of supply. Huhn’s advice is to look past the bleak forecast and to invest in uranium as the only real option for a quick profit in the foreseeable future. With the demand from emerging markets such as India and China, Huhn believes the depleted supply of uranium can only lead to a surge in prices. The suggestion is being met with some skepticism from analysts. Experts advise looking for greater stability and a lowered risk before investing in any commodity as its price is ultimately dictated by supply and demand. Regardless, investors should monitor the market closely for any signs of a price spike.

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