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‘Unprecedented’ Discovery Defies Archaeology: Scientists Reveal Astonishing Structure!

An archaeologist team recently made an extraordinary discovery. After excavating a large structure that had no real parallel in the archaeological record, the group of scientists now hypothesize about what it could have been used for. The structure, which the archaeologists named ‘the super davidon’, was unusually large and included many features that had not been seen in other excavations. For starters, it had long walls extending from each side that had been intricately curved and interlaced with other curved walls arranged in a hexagonal grid. The construction also included an inner chamber of sorts, which archaeologists believed was used as a central point around which the entire structure was built. The researchers believe that the complexity and engineering that went into creating this structure was unique; with its seemingly expert consultation, they claim it must have once been used by some sort of elite group or clan. Now, the team is working to piece together what the structure was for and who built it. They have been able to trace the origin of some of the project’s materials to ancient Mesopotamian and early Chinese cultures, but it’s still unclear if either of these had anything to do with building the structure. What is clear is that the structure was built with skill and precision that was strikingly unusual. With the discovery, archaeologists can further unfold the history of our species and our ancestors—and fuller understand our own history and capabilities.

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