Unlock the Secrets to Gold’s Big Profit Potential in 2024 with Chris Vermeulen!

It was just a matter of time before Chris Vermeulen made yet another groundbreaking move in the markets in 2021. Just weeks after hitting an all-time high, Vermeulen and his team at have announced their next two precious metals picks – silver and uranium. The gold market has been on a wild ride in 2021 with multiple record-breaking highs in a short period of time. Just this week, gold hit an all-time peak of $2,036 an ounce, fueled primarily by a weakening dollar and a jump in global demand for safe-haven assets. While gold continues to be a top choice for investors looking for a safe place to store their wealth, Vermeulen believes investors should also consider other precious metals. Vermeulen believes that silver, in particular, could be the next precious metal to hit new heights in the coming years. His team at believes that the current low price of silver is an opportunity to get in before a potential surge in the silver market due in part to industrial demand for the metal. Silver, unlike gold, has numerous industrial uses such as in electronics, medical equipment, battery production and water purification. Vermeulen and his team also believe that uranium could be an interesting long-term play given its upcoming demand for nuclear energy production. After the Fukushima disaster, uranium prices dropped sharply, making it an even more attractive investment for those with a long-term outlook. Uranium’s current low prices could provide opportunities for investors to get in early at a fraction of its potential future cost. These two new plays are sure to have investors talking and Chris Vermeulen is sure to continue to be watched closely for his picks. In the highly unpredictable markets of 2021, it pays to have an experienced and well-known investor like Vermeulen in your corner when it comes to making decisions about your investments.

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