Unleash Luxury! Travel Brands Invite You to Elevate Your Experience… At A Cost!

Title: Going Premium: The New Trend Among Travel Brands With the world gradually reopening following uncertainties and lockdowns resulting from the pandemic, the travel industry is experiencing a transformative rebirth. One of the most significant changes noted across the board involves numerous travel brands offering premium services. The question is – are the consumers willing to dig deeper into their pockets to avail these offers? According to a report on GodzillaNewz, travel brands are integrating innovative strategies as part of their revival maneuver, persuading customers to upgrade to ‘premium’ for a price. But what exactly does this premium entail, and why should one consider it? Understanding the Premium Factor in Travel There is an undeniable thirst prevailing among travellers after bearish months of travel restrictions, and the industry is capitalizing on it. An enticing emergence within the travel atmosphere is the introduction of ‘premium’ options by brands. These upgraded versions lure holidaymakers and business travellers alike with the promise of additional services, better comfort, increased safety measures, and unique experiences to make journeying a dream. The Upsides of Going Premium Among the premium benefits offered, unrivalled comfort is a magnet for many. Plush seating, spacious legroom, expanded food and beverage menus, and high-quality in-flight entertainment systems are just the tip of the iceberg. The lure of additional safety measures amidst the COVID-fearing era further sweetens the deal. Enhanced hygiene processes, reduced capacity, private transfers, and priority testing are some of the alluring blessings of this premium phase of travel. The premium era is not just limited to air travel. Hotels, too, are striving to set the bar high with exclusive ancillary services. This includes additional luxury facilities like private check-ins, dedicated concierge services, early arrival, late check-out, and even a pillow menu! Are Travelers Ready to Upgrade? While all this sounds incredibly tempting, there is a price to be paid. Travel brands are being transparent about this; premium services come with premium pricing. The question therefore remains, “Are travelers ready to pay more?” The answer depends on a variety of factors, the most important being the extent of the perceived value of these enhancements and services for the traveler. The industry seems hopeful, with Richard Fain, Chief Executive of Royal Caribbean Group, stating that there is a new breed of consumers emerging who value their time and experience more than money. While it is clear that the travel industry is to an extent reshaping its business model with the rise of ‘premium’,

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