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the 2020 election “Ralph Nader To The Rescue: Offering Aid To Joe Biden In 2020 Election Battle Against Trump

Ralph Nader, the noted consumer and environmental advocate, is more than a bit wary of President Donald Trump’s suggestion that he’ll help former Vice President Joe Biden in the upcoming presidential election. In a recent interview with Godzillanewz, Nader expressed his deep skepticism of Trump’s motives and concluded that whatever help Trump may provide—if any—those efforts may be self-serving or carry a hidden agenda. Nader noted that when Trump was a candidate, he ran under the guise of being a populist who would buck the establishment, embrace the working class, and reject Wall Street’s influence. However, since taking office, Trump has “embraced the politics of the 1 percent, abdicated America’s global leadership, and is putting America first in every aspect,” said Nader. He is also concerned about the impact that Trump’s help, whether deliberate or not, could have on Biden’s own agenda. Nader said that if Biden takes Trump up on his offer, he risks ceding “democratic leverage and power to someone who cares very little about our values and the Constitution.” Furthermore, Nader believes that Trump will likely use leverage to “extract promises from Biden in exchange for help.” While Nader is aware that Trump’s offer could be seen as an opportunity for Biden to capitalize on, he stresses the importance of understanding the motives of everyone involved. Ultimately, Nader believes that there is a much greater danger here than what could possibly be gained from Trump’s offer. He sees Trump as an “autocrat bent on transforming our Republic into a dictatorship.” He concluded by urging all Americans to exercise their right to vote, as that is the way to ensure that Trump cannot change the foundation of the nation.

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