Strike Time! UAW Takes Action at Mercedes-Benz Supplier in Alabama as Detroit’s Big Three Walk Out

The Union Auto Workers Strike has taken on a new chapter as Mercedes Benz supplier, Eastaboga Alloy in Alabama, has joined the Big Three’s strike. The strike began on September 15th as workers from Eastaboga Alloy unanimously chose to strike in an effort to gain better wages, job security, and a fair union contract. The strike is an effort to bring improved working conditions and livable wages to 3400 laborers. The facility produces parts for Mercedes vehicles, making them a crucial partner in the strike. The Union Auto Workers (UAW) have been working for months to come to an agreement with the company and came to a consensus on a “simple majority” decision to go on strike. In the meantime, the Detroit Auto Companies, such as GM, Ford, and Fiat Chrysler, are also in the midst of a national strike. This has been ongoing since September 15th in support of the same goals. The strike has managed to garner national attention, as jobs in the auto sector remain important to the US economy. It remains unclear how long the strike may last, but the workers are committed to achieving their goals and improving their circumstances. It is expected that other auto suppliers in and around Alabama may join the strike as well. This would be a major win for the UAW, who have been calling for improved wages and job security for years. For now, there is no end in sight to the strike, and neither side has backed down, even after weeks of international attention. The UAW has notified Eastaboga Alloy that they will be on strike until an agreement can be reached, while the company stands firm in its commitments. It is a waiting game to see who will win, but one thing is for sure, the workers are in it to win it.

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