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“Shock Election Victory Sparks Dutch Far-Right Populist Government Formation!

Geert Wilders, the far-right populist Politician in the Netherlands, has made history by leading his anti-Islam, anti-EU political party to a shock victory in the Dutch elections. This is a huge upset considering the Netherlands have been traditionally known for its open, multi-cultural society. Wilders’ party, the Party for Freedom (PVV), has essentially become the third largest party in the country. This has put Wilders in a unique position to potentially form a coalition government for the first time in the Netherlands history. Wilders has consistently called for some of the most extreme policies in the Netherlands by proposing to “de-Islamicize” the country and close its borders to all immigrants. During the election Wilders also campaigned heavily against the Euro and the European Union. Now his populist policies have seen him gain unprecedented popularity and even though he could potentially form a coalition government, it is uncertain if he will be able to implement the policies he has promised. Still, the fact this far-right populist has been able to lead his party to such a historic win is concerning, not just for the Netherlands but for the whole of Europe. As voters seem to react to a surge of populism and anti-immigrant rhetoric, this could be the beginning of a rising trend across Europe. Given the success of Wilders’ party, regardless of whether he is able to form a government or not, the far-right populist movement and xenophobic attitudes towards minorities, immigrants and refugees may continue to propel the continent further away from its tradition of tolerance and acceptance.

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