“Revolutionize 3D Model Production with Nextech3D Solutions India Private Limited!

NexTech3D AI, an AI-driven3D imaging and visualization platform, has announced the establishment of NexTech3d Solutions India Private Limited – its Indian subsidiary. This move has come in the wake of the growing demand for reliable, high-scale 3D model production across various industries. The subsidiary will provide NexTech3D AI’s breakthrough product and services in this region, particularly in the automotive, gaming, entertainment, comedic, e-commerce, architecture, fashion, healthcare and many other industrial sectors. NexTech3D Solutions India Private Limited will leverage its massive experience in technologies such as photogrammetry, machine learning, object classification and recognition and integrate them into the 3D production workflow for unprecedented results. NexTech3D AI is well known for its AI-powered 3D imaging and visualization platform, developed for the benefit of users. The platform offers natural viewing experiences with latency-free performance by utilizing cutting edge technologies such as Depth Culling, Adaptive Quality and Display Adaptation. It also features cloud applications to provide users with remote access to the 3D content, as well as the ability to download files, manage them and share them with colleagues and customers. The establishment of NexTech3d Solutions India Private Limited in India has been made with the aim of delivering 3D production solutions tailored to clients, leveraging India’s growing expertise in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Commenting on this development, Nate Fuller, CEO of NexTech3D AI, said, “The establishment of NexTech3D Solutions India Private Limited in India marks the beginning of our journey towards making a significant impact in the region. We have great confidence that the combination of NexTech3D AI’s expertise in 3D imaging and visualization alongside India’s growing AI and ML talent pool will enable us to bring innovative 3D production services to our customers in this region.” With the establishment of NexTech3d Solutions India Private Limited, the company is all set to deliver unprecedented services to businesses worldwide. This will pave the way for faster than ever 3D model production, empowering businesses to make real-life decisions quickly and efficiently.

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