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“Refusing to Retire, 96-year-old Judge Suspended for ‘Misconduct’

A 96-year-old judge in Florida is the latest example of those refusing to retire, but unfortunately, he was recently suspended on the grounds of misconduct. World War 2 veteran John K. Turner has served as a judge in Florida for 63 years and was suspended earlier this week. According to the Florida Supreme Court’s ruling, Judge Turner was accused of exhibiting pattern of actions, decisions and attitude which is contrary to the expectations for a judicial officer. He was accused of making inappropriate remarks about parties who appeared in his court, not being open to review cases before making the ruling and for excessive use of sanctions. Judge Turner defended himself saying, “I have devoted my life to serving the citizens of Flroida and I take pride in doing my job. I am being punished for not compromising my values and ethics.” His supporters argue that the suspension was unfair, as some of the cases mentioned by the Supreme Court are more than 20 years old. They point out that while being 96-years-old Judge Turner was still serving the people of the Sunshine State effectively. Judge Turner was suspended without pay. He remains certain that he was wrongly accused and vows to fight the suspension until the day of his death, if necessary. His lawyer has already filed a motion to challenge his suspension and believes that his client could eventually be declared innocent. No matter what the outcome is, the case of John K. Turner is proving yet again that age should not be a deterrent for those who are determined to serve justice and help others. A 96-year-old judge refusing to retire is unusual, however it is a reminder of the level of dedication that public servants can exhibit.

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