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“Real-Time Alerts: AI-Enabled Cameras Spot Tigers in India

As the efforts to protect India’s tigers continue, many public programs are being implemented to help prevent illegal hunting or poaching of these majestic creatures. One such program is the implementation of AI-enabled cameras throughout India’s tiger reserves that are now providing real-time alerts of tiger activities. An AI-powered camera system installed in several tiger reserves in India is now reportedly sending out text messages and emails in real-time with high-resolution photos and videos of tigers and other animals in their natural habitat. The photos and videos are taken from the cameras which are deployed all over the reserves, and they are collected and sent to forestry officials from the Wildlife Institute of India (WII). The WII team is in charge of analyzing the images and videos captured from the cameras to track tiger and other animals movements in real-time. They can also use the data to determine tiger census numbers as well as track illegal activities such as poaching. This program is expected to help provide conservationists with the data they need to better understand the population of tigers in India in order to protect them. With the help of these AI powered cameras, conservationists and forestry officials are now able to track tiger movements in real-time and react quickly to potential threats, including illegal activities. This program also serves as a deterrent to potential poachers as they now know that their activities are being recorded in real-time. Overall, the implementation of these AI enabled cameras in India is a great step towards helping protect India’s tigers and other wildlife by providing much needed data and alerting forest officials of illegal activities in a timely manner. The data gathered from the AI system is expected to provide valuable insight for conservationists and allow them to take appropriate steps to protect and preserve the natural habitats of these creatures.

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