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Re-framed Title: DeSantis’ Scapegoat Game – Who Pays the Price of Untimely Death?

Death is an inevitability of life, one that most people would prefer to ignore until it’s too late. Unfortunately, death is often considered to be a tragedy, but death can also be unexpected and untimely. This is where Desantiss’ views on untimely death come into play. Desantiss believes that when people experience an untimely death, there is often someone to blame. It could be something out of your control or it could be the result of negligence or careless behavior on the part of someone else. While it is often hard to identify a specific individual or group responsible for the death, Desantiss still believes that blame and guilt must be placed somewhere. Desantiss argues that when someone unexpectedly dies, those left behind have a natural tendency to rely on “scapegoats” to blame. This could be the hospital, medical staff, or another individual close to the deceased. The scapegoat is ultimately there just as a distraction away from the real issue of death. Desantiss believes that this clinging to scapegoats can lead people to overlook the fact that death is an inevitability and everyone will have to accept it eventually. Overall, Desantiss’ view on untimely death is that although it may be easy to place blame on someone else for the tragedy, it is important to remember that death is an inevitable process that everyone will eventually have to accept. Instead of relying on scapegoats, it is important to take time to reflect and mourn the loss of someone close. Despite the difficulty of the situation, remembering how the person was in life can bring light and joy to the mourning process.

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