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“Liz Cheney: Controversial Republican Divided or Unprecedented Third-Party Presidential Run?

Liz Cheney has recently caused a political uproar after weighing the prospect of a third-party presidential run. The daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, Liz has been a vocal critic of former President Donald Trump and made waves when she became the only House Republican to vote against his dismissal from office following the deadly US Capitol siege. She was subsequently removed from her leadership position in Washington and has since been weighing her next steps. Though Cheney has yet to make any formal announcement, it’s easy to see the magnetic appeal of a potential third-party candidacy. While the Republican party is still overwhelmingly in favor of Trump, Cheney’s refusal to toe the line and her strong stance on conservative fiscal policy have inspired a growing movement within the party that is in direct opposition to the former President’s supporters. She has been credited by many as having the potential to be the face of a party that takes Republican values seriously—a party able to fill the chasm of ideas between democrats and republicans on the issues that really matter. At this point in time, Cheney has not made any definitive decision about her presidential aspirations, nor has she committed to a timeline for when she may make a decision. However, speculation about her future continues to run rampant and many are watching with bated breath to see what her next steps will be. Her political move could end up either triggering a much needed reformation of the Republican party or create a rift so large that it potentially divides the party altogether.

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