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“Listen in Horror: Israeli Military Dog Captures Hostages’ Last Words Moments Before They Were Accidentally Slain.

On the evening of October 21st, a remarkable event occurred when an Israeli military dog, named Sergeant Agam, did the unbelievable. It captured the voices of hostages just days before they were killed by friendly fire. Sergeant Agam is part of a Special Forces Unit which helps with hostage rescues. He was sent out with the unit to negotiate with the two kidnapped, unarmedHerzliya young men. The two teenagers were identified as Ronen Pinchevsky and Zvika Levy. When Sergeant Agam and the unit arrived at the suspected location, he was able to pick up the terrified voices of the two hostages on camera. After two days of negotiating, an agreement was formed and the hostages were released safely. Sadly, on October 28th, two days after the release, the two were killed in a targeted Israeli airstrike along with 10 other people. No one expected Sergeant Agam to pick up the voices of the hostages before so many others were killed. However, his alertness and abilities saved two lives while many others were lost. Sergeant Agam is now a retired Israeli military dog but his feats are still remembered on the anniversary of this horrible attack. The Israeli Defense Force has honored him posthumously, stating that his heroism and bravery should be remembered. Sergeant Agam’s story is a remarkable reminder of the power of all animals, and their capability of providing exceptional service when it matters most.

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