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Life-altering Risky Surgery: The Near-Death Experience that Transformed Biden

The year 1988 marked a turning point in the life of Joe Biden, who is currently serving as the 46th president of the United States. In this year, Biden faced a life-threatening ordeal that not only posed a grave risk to his well-being but also offered an unmistakable reminder of the fragility of life. It was an aneurysm that played the antagonist in Biden’s story, pushing him to the brink of death and necessitating a high-risk surgery which eventually changed the course of his life. An aneurysm, a balloon-like bulge or swelling in the wall of an artery, can occur in any part of the body. It remains harmless until it ruptures, leading to grave consequences. In February 1988, Biden suffered from severe headaches and neck pain, which were initially misdiagnosed as a viral infection. The symptoms worsened over time, with Biden tragically losing consciousness on a couple of occasions. Tests revealed the real culprit — an intracranial aneurysm at the base of his brain. The aneurysm that was detected was on the verge of rupturing which could have led to severe brain damage or death. The doctors at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, led by Dr. Neal Kassell, swung into action and decided to perform a craniotomy. A craniotomy is a major surgical procedure wherein a bone flap is removed from the skull to access the brain. The potential risks associated with this operation, namely stroke, infection, and even death, were incredibly high. However, without this procedure, Biden’s chance of survival was slim at best. The surgery, which lasted several hours, proved to be successful. Biden’s ruptured aneurysm was sealed off using metal clips, a technique that required exceptional precision and care. Unfortunately, complications arose just days after the initial aneurysm was treated. Tests revealed the presence of a second aneurysm, smaller but potentially as dangerous as the first one. This revelation marked another round of life-or-death decision-making. A second surgery, almost as perilous as the first, was performed. Again, the operation was a success. The surgeries marked a turning point in Biden’s life. The weeks spent in hospital and months in recovery made him reassess his life. Biden repeatedly mentioned this experience in his memoirs, stating that it made him revaluate his priorities. According to him, the ordeal forced him to think about his

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