“Joe Cavatoni: Gold Glitters in Uncertain Markets – Challenges Ahead.

Joe Cavatoni, the CEO of Goldcorp Inc., recently spoken about the impact of Brexit on the global gold market. He believes that while gold remains a key asset, continuing headwinds makes the gold market uncertain. Cavatoni points out that the volatility due to Brexit continues to exert an effect on the gold market. The ready availability of paper currencies and bullion investment has increased the risk for gold investors. The global economy not being in sync with each other creates further uncertainty, and as a result gold prices have been going up and down. Overall, Cavatoni believes that gold is still a store of value, but investors should note that there may still be headwinds in the coming months. He stated that the best strategy going forward is to watch the markets, as correlated assets such as stocks, currency, and bonds are likely to have an impact on gold. For investors looking to diversify their portfolio, Cavatoni believes gold still holds a key position. He noted that gold hedges against inflation and it is a safe haven asset that many point to in times of turmoil. Ultimately, Cavatoni believes that gold is still a key asset for investors, but they must remain aware of the headwinds that can keep the gold market uncertain. Investors should remain flexible and monitor the markets in order to determine when is the optimum time to invest.

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