“Grab Your Helium: 5 Top Canadian Stocks to Own in 2023!

Helium stocks have generated a lot of interest in the market in recent years due to its ever-increasing demand. With an estimated 2020 demand of around 600 million cubic feet per day, and the market itself expected to grow to 1.3 billion cubic feet by 2023, it’s no surprise investments in helium production have become popular. Canada is one of the leading producers of helium, and the future focus of the industry looks to be focused on the country. With five of the largest helium-producing companies to be based in Canada by 2023, here’s a look at what to expect from them. Lucy drilling company, based in Calgary, has been producing helium since 2019 and is the largest in the country. Currently sourcing helium from the nearby Alberta plant, they produce over 300 million cubic feet of helium each year. To expand production, they have invested heavily in advancing technology and diversifying their operations in a bid to access helium from unconventional reserves beneath the ground. The second-largest company, Hydrofluorocarbons Canada, is based in Montreal. Being one of the first to develop an industrial-scale process for recovering helium from natural gas has seen them also be the first to explore the possibility of recovering helium from underground reserves using advanced drilling techniques. They currently produce around 250 million cubic feet of helium each year. The third largest is Univar, based in Vancouver. They concentrate mainly on gas refining and distribution and have been the go-to supplier of helium gas for laboratories, hospitals, and even government organizations. This is down to having the most reliable gas supply available in the country. Fourth on the list is Weir Oil and Gas Canada, based in Penticton. They recover helium from both conventional and unconventional sources and they even have the distinction of being the only company to have an operational system of piped helium delivery in Canada. Every year, they produce around 200 million cubic feet of helium. Last but certainly not least is Copious Energy, whose headquarters are in Edmonton. Much like the others on the list, they recover helium from both conventional and unconventional sources. Their focus is to increase their operations in the future and become a major player in the Canadian helium market. These five Canadian companies are sure to be the ones to watch in the upcoming years when it comes to helium production. With their investments and focus on the ever-changing industry, it’s certain that they will continue to lead helium production in Canada in the years to come.

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