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Discover the Most and Least Satisfying North American Airports for Travelers!

Traveling can be a major headache, regardless of how excited you are about the destination. Airports are a necessary stop on the way home and can either add to or detract from enthusiasm for an upcoming trip. Recent surveys have revealed the North American airports that travelers find the most and least satisfying. According to the 2019 North America Airport Satisfaction Study of North America’s largest airports, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) was rated the highest in overall satisfaction. This high ranking can be attributed to the airport’s effort to prioritize passenger experience, including good customer service and amenities such as free wi-fi and power outlets. The airport’s friendly atmosphere has also been praised. Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport was rated as the second most satisfying airport. This can be attributed to its consistently high ratings in categories such as accessibility, check-in/baggage check, terminal facilities, and food/shopping. The survey also revealed the least satisfying airports in North America. Toronto Pearson International Airport was rated the least satisfying airport, due to its long wait times, crowded terminals, and inadequate wi-fi. Despite significant investments in the airport, travelers were still dissatisfied with their experience. San Francisco International Airport also ranked very low in the survey. In addition to long wait times and notoriously inefficient security check points, travelers expressed dissatisfaction with the cleanliness and availability of food at the airport. Overall, the survey provided clear insight into the North American airports that travelers find the most and least satisfying. For a smooth and enjoyable journey, airports should focus on providing travelers with the necessary customer service, amenities, and comfort to make their travel experience as stress-free as possible.

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