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“Disaster Strikes India: 100 Missing and 14 Dead After Glacial Lake Burst

Glacial Lake Bursts in India Leave 100 Missing and 14 Dead Devastation struck the state of Uttarakhand in northern India over the weekend when a glacial lake burst, sending a deluge of water flooding down from the Himalayan mountains. Reports indicate that at least 14 people have been killed, and approximately 100 people are still missing. The glacial lake was located near the Char Dham Hindu temple complex in the district of Uttarkashi. According to local sources, the incident was triggered by a piece of Ice falling off a glacier near the lake, which caused a surge of water to separate from the lake and rush downstream towards the valley below. Over 800 personnel have been involved in the search and rescue operations, including state police and disaster management teams. Dozens of helicopters are currently in operation, searching for missing persons. Local officials have expressed concern over the rapid receding of glacial ice in the Himalayan range, which they believe has contributed to tragedy. Many locals have warned against excessive deforestation and road development in the area, as this has increased the possibility of more serious flooding and lake bursting incidents. The tragedy serves as a stark reminder of the fragile state of our natural environment, and the devastation that can be caused even by simple human activities. Hopefully, further preventive measures will be taken to help protect our environment and the communities of the Himalayan region.

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