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Democrats at Crossroads: Mixed Feelings About Biden’s Future as They Regroup in Washington

As they descend on Capitol Hill after a prolonged recess, Democrats find themselves grappling with a burgeoning political quandary that seemingly refuses to abate. At the crux of their quandary lies the pressing question — What does the future hold for President Joe Biden? President Biden’s tenure at the helm of affairs has been punctuated with a slue of policies that have left the party ranks divided. In the first six months, Biden’s administration achieved laudable milestones, which included speedy vaccinations against the Covid-19 virus, the rollout of his $1.9 trillion pandemic relief plan, and the recommitment of the U.S. into the Paris Agreement. Although these successes endeared him to most political leanings within the party, his subsequent moves have evoked a sense of skepticism among some Democrats, thereby tearing at the unity of the party. A key point of division within the Democratic party circles lies within Biden’s approach to foreign policy. His abrupt withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, culminating in a swift Taliban takeover, has been perceived variously depending on which aisle one leans. While some Democrats believe the principled stand against endless wars is worthy of support, others deemed his execution of this policy reckless and precipitous. This has fomented heated debates within the party, exposing the existing fissures concerning Biden’s foreign policy approach. Furthermore, domestic policy-making has also invited varying opinions. Biden’s proposed multi-trillion dollar packages for infrastructure improvement and social welfare are under scrutiny from both sustenance-driven progressives and fiscally-conscious moderates. The battle for consensus within the party has intensified as progressives demand commitment to their sweeping proposals, while moderates warn against potential electoral backlash from a fearful conservative populace. Within this ethos, Biden must feel the heat of balancing the party’s economic ideologies. Notwithstanding, the brewing contention over voting rights across the country has further complicated matters for Biden. Progressives are seeking increased federal intervention in ensuring voting equality, especially in GOP-controlled states that have enacted stricter voting provisions. Parts of the moderates, however, fear that such aggressive intervention might backlash, driving voters on the fence into Republican hands. This polarized position fed through Biden’s leadership style is threatening Democrats’ united front. Additionally, the lingering question of police reform legislation casts a long shadow. On one end, calls for comprehensive police reforms surge from the progressive front following the nationwide protests sparked by George Floyd’s murder. The counter-argument from moderate voices, however, emphasizes the importance of maintaining law and

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