“California Law Gives Driverless Cars a Free Pass on Traffic Tickets!

Driverless cars, or cars that are completely autonomous and self-driving, have been gaining momentum in recent years with automakers such as Tesla leading the charge. With the increasing popularity of the technology, many are wondering whether these driverless cars are immune from traffic tickets in California. The answer is a definitive yes, driverless cars are in fact immune from traffic tickets in California. Under current laws, the individual operating the vehicle would be solely responsible for any potential traffic violations; a driverless car would not be held accountable due to its “unawareness” of the traffic laws. This immunity from traffic tickets is made possible because driverless cars cannot be held responsible for any action taken during a drive. As driverless cars are not aware of traffic laws or potential hazards on the road, they are not considered liable for any actions taken while in operation. The implications of being immune from traffic tickets can benefit the owners of driverless cars, as well as the state of California. From a driver’s perspective, they no longer have to worry about being pulled over and issued a ticket for a mistake that their car made. On the other hand, California can benefit from this immunity by encouraging the usage of driverless cars, which will ultimately reduce the amount of hazards on the road and make driving safer for all individuals. In conclusion, driverless cars are currently immune from traffic tickets in California under current laws. This immunity can prove to be beneficial for both drivers of driverless cars and the state through reduced risks on the roads and increased safety for all drivers.

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