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Billionaire’s Dream of ‘3-Body Problem’ on Netflix Ends in Tragedy: Business Partner Implicated

The saga surrounding the production of Netflix’s adaptation of the sci-fi epic ‘The Three-Body Problem’ recently took a thriller-like twist that has sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry. Lin Qi, billionaire CEO of Yoozoo Group and executive producer of the highly anticipated series, tragically did not live to see its premiere. This melancholy outcome is inextricably linked to his business partner and colleague, Xu Yao, who is now facing unprecedented allegations. The intrigue began with Lin Qi’s puzzling death just days before Christmas 2020. The enigmatic chief, a role model to many and a patron of the arts, was a key figure behind the push to bring the successful ‘Three-Body Problem’ novel to Netflix. His unanticipated demise left the future of the project in a state of uncertainty. The Shanghai police department’s subsequent announcement heightened the conundrum. The police stated that Lin Qi had been murdered through slow poison, allegedly administered by a colleague identified only as Mr Xu. This shocking revelation took the saga from tragic to chilling. The alleged perpetrator, identified as Xu Yao, had been Lin’s business partner in Yoozoo Pictures, a subsidiary of Yoozoo Group, and an essential team member working on the ‘Three-Body Problem’ project. The shock trajectory of their relationship from collaborators in an ambitious entertainment endeavor to a suspected homicide case is tragic. Understandably, this unnerving event has shaken both the entertainment and corporate worlds, primarily because Lin Qi was not only a billionaire but a passionate individual. His mission was not just about making profitable business decisions but also about disseminating thought-provoking content to viewers around the globe. Lin was instrumental in securing the rights to ‘The Three-Body Problem’ back in 2015 and had worked tirelessly to transition it from the page to the screen. The groundbreaking sci-fi trilogy, authored by Liu Cixin, explores humanity’s first contact with an alien civilization. It was a literary sensation in China before gaining global acclaim, facilitated by the translation efforts of Ken Liu in 2014. Lin saw the potential in this narrative, recognizing it as an opportunity to translate Chinese literature into a visual interpretation that could capture the attention of international audiences. The loss of Lin Qi not only jeopardized the ‘Three-Body Problem’s’ production but also represented the shattering of his dreams and aspirations for the project. It was a harsh blow to the entertainment community and the millions of ‘Three-

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