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Biden Amps up Presidential Persona as Election Fever Rises

As the 2020 presidential election draws closer, Democratic nominee Joe Biden is making efforts to project presidential power amidst the political race. Stepping up to the campaign trail, he adopts a unique and strategic approach that leans heavily on the display of his potential leadership. This approach seeks to differentiate him from his Republican counterpart and incumbent, President Donald Trump. A key element of Biden’s strategy is leveraging his numerous years of experience in public service. He frequently emphasizes his past positions as a U.S. Senator from Delaware and Vice President under President Obama. By doing so, he underlines his extensive tenure in government, aiming to present himself as a heavy-hitter with deep knowledge of American politics and the skills to lead the nation in these unpredictable times. Moreover, Biden is placing considerable emphasis on his ability to unite and heal an increasingly divided country. His campaign has seen him portraying himself as a figure of empathy and understanding, characteristics that he believes are lacking in the present administration. Whether it is listening to the grievances of struggling working-class families or expressing his sympathy towards victims of racial injustice, Biden is exerting his capacity to resonate with the American people on an emotional level. In addition to his focus on character and empathy, Biden is showcasing his command on pressing policy issues, which is another crucial component of his approach to project presidential power. From his ambitious plans to address the escalating climate crisis to his commitment to expanding access to affordable healthcare, Biden aims to exhibit a thoughtful, comprehensive understanding of the issues, as well as a clear, action-oriented vision for the future. Biden is also not shying away from highlighting policy differences between him and President Trump. He is directly challenging Trump’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, expressing disapproval of the President’s response and offering an alternative course of action. His campaign is actively producing detailed policy proposals about improving testing, contact tracing, and vaccine distribution. Social media plays a significant role in contributing to Biden’s projection of presidential power, serving as a platform for him to instantaneously connect with millions of potential voters. Through platforms like Twitter and Instagram, Biden is continually fostering his image as a committed and experienced leader prepared to guide the country out of current crises. Lastly, Biden’s selection of Kamala Harris as his running mate further underlines his strategy of projecting strong leadership power. Harris, who has a formidable track record in her own right as a prosecutor and senator, further amplifies Biden’s message of a balanced and experienced ticket that is ready to hit the

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