“2,000 to Go Home as GM’s Strike Pain Strengthens

General Motors recently announced that they will be idling yet another auto plant, sending 2,000 workers home. This news comes at a bad time, as workers are in the midst of a lengthy and increasingly contentious UAW strike against GM. The plant being idled is the GM component factory in Flint, Michigan. The majority of the closures will be for the month of November, though the remaining closures could affect production through the end of the year. It’s estimated that these closures could cost around $43 million in lost revenue. This news is sure to weigh heavily on the morale of the UAW workers, who have been striking for well over two weeks in pursuit of a better contract. GM has refused to come to the table and negotiate, despite the workers’ pleas. The idling of the plant in Flint only adds to the workers’ troubles, as their incomes are already suffering due to their lost wages from the strike. The situation has created a great amount of uncertainty for both workers and GM alike. GM has already had to shut down several plants due to the strike, and the UAW workers have yet to receive any firm promises from GM regarding their demands. This latest news could put increased pressure on GM to come to the table and negotiate with the UAW. It’s hard to say what the long-term outcome of this situation will be, but one thing is certain: both the workers and GM are feeling the pinch of the GM strike. With so much at stake, it will be interesting to see how the UAW and GM come to an agreement in the coming weeks.

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