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“Venezuela Takes Action: New State & Map with Territory from Guyana!

Venezuela’ President Nicolas Maduro has made an ambitious move to expand their borders, ordering the creation of a new state and a map to include a part of the Guyanese territory that sits on the north region of his country. The new Damian states will be composed of parts from two states already established and will be administrated by a local elected governor. The move has been met with sharp criticism and condemnation from the Guyanese side, who have repeatedly rejected any attempt from Venezuela to its territory. The current border conflict between the two nations is likely to be further complicated by this announcement as Maduro’s government has yet to present an official map for the new state. The announcement was made following a speech by the president in a military camp in the Simon Bolivar military region near the Venezuelian city of Maracaibo. The president declared that the new state would be part of the Bolivarian Revolution, the mission started by late president Hugo Chavez that aims to transform his country through socialism. He also declared that the new state would be governed by the same laws as the existing two states and that it would have the same rights as them. This move follows reports of Venezuelan military troops and equipment being sent to the area, which are seen as a sign of Maduro’s intentions of increasing state control in the area. It is yet to be seen how other countries, specially Guyana, will respond to this controversial issue, and how the Guyanese government will attempt to protect its sovereignty. For now, the only thing certain is Maduro’s impulsive decision has put the Venezuelan-Guyanese border even more in the spotlight.

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