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“Unshackled! Republican Candidates Make Their Own Debate Destiny

In an unprecedented move, the Republican Party has decided to free up the 2020 US Presidential Election by allowing individual Republican Candidates to organize their own debates. This move is being seen as an effort to give all candidates who are vying for the nomination for the Republican Party a fair chance to make their voices heard and to ensure their views are represented. The move comes after the Democratic Party had decided to spread out the debates over a longer period of time in an effort to make sure all of the candidates had enough of an opportunity to be seen and heard. It now appears that the Republican Party has followed suit. By allowing the candidates to organize their own debates, it gives them the power to control which topics they want to focus on. They can also decide who gets to be in the debate and who the moderators will be. It can also help prevent one candidate from dominating the conversation and pushing out other ideas. This decision by the Republican Party has been met with much approval from the Republican candidates as it gives them an opportunity to have their voices heard without the interference of party politics. They hope that by having their own debates, the ideas that they bring to the table will be taken more seriously by both the media and the voting public. Overall, the Republican Party’s decision to allow its Presidential candidates to organize their own debates is a bold move that may even revolutionize the way Presidential elections are conducted in the future. It gives candidates the chance to have their voices heard and to ensure that their ideas and views are represented. This is something that all voters should take note of and consider when voting.

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