Unleashing Power with Toro Energy!

Toro Energy Limited is a pivotal player in the uranium industry, based innately in Australia. The company boasts a portfolio of strategic exploration and progression targeted projects in highly prospective regions of Namibia and Australia. This encompasses the wholly-owned Wiluna Uranium Project in Western Australia, which is primed to be Australia’s next significant producer of uranium. The Wiluna Project, Toro Energy’s flagship venture, encompasses two processing centres, Centipede and Lake Way, intended to promote uranium mining operations. These centres would be the first of their kind in Western Australia, propelling forward a critical and progressive era in uranium extraction and processing for the region. Therefore, the green light issued to the Wiluna project by Western Australia’s Environmental Protection Authority was a significant milestone for Toro Energy and the broader uranium industry. The company’s forward-thinking approach is also showcased in its strategic foray into the clean energy sector. As many nations are looking towards affordable, low-emission power solutions, Toro Energy’s commitment to uranium production aligns with global shifts towards nuclear energy. On the Eastern seaboard of Australia, the company’s Theseus Project is set to contribute to uranium exploration. Situated approximately 125km south-west of Alice Springs and 385km north-east of Coober Pedy, the Theseus Project adds another multifaceted extension to Toro Energy’s asset portfolio. With prospective targets for uranium, these projects are a testament to Toro Energy’s commitment to resource discovery. In an effort to bolster its uranium production capacity, Toro Energy has spread its wings across the globe to the African Continent. In Namibia, the company has a zero view towards its Namibian Projects. With three exclusive prospecting licenses granted, they cover approximately 1,500 square KM in uranium-rich areas around the country. This expansion effectively demonstrates Toro Energy’s commitment to building a strong global presence. Apart from uranium exploration and mining, Toro Energy is also involved in environmental management, prioritising sustainable practices across its operations. The company complies with regulations set by the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS), Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) with proper mine closure plans and rehabilitation in place. This commitment to sustainability reflects the core values of the company and its drive to strike a balance between profitability and responsible business conduct. Another key aspect that places Toro Energy in the vanguard of the energy sector is its commitment to maintaining robust stakeholder relationships. The company values its crucial rapport with indigenous communities, government

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