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Suspended Visas: India-Canada Diplomatic Spat Reaches New Depths

India has taken a drastic step in a diplomatic spat with Canada, suspending all visas for Canadian nationals. This move comes in response to what India describes as Canada’s interference in their internal affairs. The dispute between the two countries began when India was accused of taking a hard-line stance on a movement aiming to gain autonomy for its former British colony, Kashmir. These accusations were vehemently denied by Indian officials, with India accusing Canada of taking a ‘biased and unwarranted’ stance in the matter. In response, India has now suspended all visas for Canadian nationals. This means that any Canadian citizens wishing to travel to India will be unable to do so, regardless of why they may wish to go. It is unclear at this time if or when the suspension will be lifted. The news comes as a setback to the relationship between the two countries, with India-Canada ties already strained on many other issues besides Kashmir, including trade and foreign investment. Only time will tell if the tensions between the two countries will ease in the near future, but it is clear that India is taking a stern stance in this diplomatic spat. For now, it looks as though Canadian nationals hoping to visit India will have to wait, as the visa suspension shows no signs of being lifted anytime soon.

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