“Sam Altman Makes the Bold Move to Microsoft to Lead Revolutionary AI Project Post-OpenAI Departure

Tech developer Sam Altman has been gaining attention for his involvement in a recent project with Microsoft to launch an artificial intelligence (AI). After his contributions with OpenAI were issued, Altman is now bringing his expertise to Microsoft in order to develop a facility that will bring AI to the next level. Microsoft is already renowned for their development of AI. With their Xbox consoles, features such as facial recognition and voice commands are regular users experience. Now, the changes Altman is bringing to the company have the potential to take the development of AI to another level. Sam Altman began working with OpenAI in 2017 to develop the potential for AI more thoroughly. One of his greatest contributions with OpenAI was what he called “unsupervised learning.” Unsupervised learning aimed to teach machines efficiently without human supervision. Through his efforts, he was able to train machines to play classic video games. The project he launched with Microsoft is called “True AI.” True AI is a machine learning software designed to push AI further. By combining computer vision, natural language processing, and machine learning programs, True AI has the potential to make tremendous changes to the technological industry. Sam Altman has long been admired in the tech community. His expertise has earned him the admiration of the developers of Microsoft as well as the members of OpenAI. True AI has the potential to change the face of AI and the world of technology overall.

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