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Run for Your Life! Deadly Green Mamba Snake on the Prowl in Dutch City

Residents of the Dutch city of Tilburg were shocked this week when a highly venomous green mamba snake was spotted slithering through the streets. The two meter long snake was seen winding its way through a back garden before making its way into the murky canals of the city. Experts are baffled as to how the snake managed to make its way to the urban landscape, as it is native to tropical Africa and Asia and highly unlikely to be seen in northern Europe. The distinctive bright green colour of the mamba snake sets it apart from other snakes more commonly found in the area. The Venvantientenseef police were called to apprehend the snake, but were ultimately unsuccessful in their search. Now, they are warning local residents to be careful when traversing outside and to report any further sightings of the snake to the Hooidokhirenlijk. The green mamba is regarded as one of the most venomous snakes in the world, and can cause death within 15 minutes if venom is injected. Residents are therefore advised to not approach the snake if and when they see it, and to contact the police instead. The mystery of how the snake made its way to the Dutch city remains unsolved, but police are working hard to ensure the safety of local residents while the search for the snake continues.

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