“Kick Out Ads with a $2.99 Add-On: Amazon Prime Video Viewers Get a Price Hike in January

Amazon Prime Video viewers will have to fork out an extra $2.99 per month as the streaming giant looks to expand its ad services. Starting 1st January 2021, Amazon Prime Video will increase prices by $2.99 for a subset of subscribers who will experience “ads on select titles.” The streaming giant will offer a premium ad-free experience on the same programming for an additional $3 a month. The introduction of the new price point comes after the company announced its launch of Amazon Prime Video Ads back in June 2020. In a press release, Amazon announced a new feature is self-serve system to allow video ad buyers the ability to target their desired audience. In addition to the already finalized feature, Amazon then stated they were exploring the option of offering viewers the ability to opt-in to sponsored video placement watching in exchange for a reduced streaming cost. Instead of the initial roll-out (which would have cost an additional $3 per month for an ad-free experience), the company is offering a $2.99 ad-filled service as a cheaper, alternative option. For some subscribers, this may be a valuable offer, giving them access to the top content, without breaking the bank. For other consumers, it may prove too much, and instead aspire to pay the full price in the name of ad-free watching. Either way, the decision is in the hands of the consumer. On one hand, viewers have the option of saving a few extra dollars per month of opting into ads, or paying more for an ad-free experience. On the other hand, for those who prefer an advertisement-free experience, they can expect to pay $3 extra per month starting in 2021.

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