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Is It Even Possible? The Inextricable Tie Between Trump & Project 2025

As an unavoidable figure in modern American politics, former President Donald J. Trump has often been linked in various ways to myriad initiatives and policies, both within the United States and across the international globe. His enigmatic persona has proved instrumental in shaping and moulding the landscape of several sectors, among which is one common thread – Project 2025. A comprehensive exploration of the connection between Trump and this ambitious project reveals that it may be nearly impossible to extricate one from the other. Project 2025, a forward-thinking initiative, is aimed at creating a prosperous American economy that is resilient and self-sustaining. It encompasses a range of sectors from education, healthcare, technology to energy, with a fundamental goal of increasing their productivity while reducing their environmental impact. The visionary step of embracing the project evokes similarities with Trump’s administration, most notably his support for economic robustness and self-dependence, thereby, cementing a connection between them. One of the pivotal aspects of Project 2025 is the policy focused on reviving domestic industries for economic growth, a signature move of President Donald Trump during his tenure. His administration proposed numerous policies that prioritized American industries and sought to bring back jobs from overseas. This ‘America First’ mentality mirrors the exact ethos of Project 2025. Thus, Trump’s influence on this policy is clear, making it tough to discuss the project without acknowledging his contributions. Moreover, the Project 2025’s focus on lower regulations, reduced bureaucracy and lesser taxes for businesses also echoes Trump’s quintessential laissez-faire style of governance. Trump believed in creating a business-friendly environment that, according to him, allows for increased productivity and as a result, greater economic prosperity. In fact, his impactful tax cuts in 2017 significantly reduced corporate tax rates, fostering an encouraging environment for businesses. Analogously, Project 2025 seeks to amplify this economic model further, making it another aspect that inherently links Trump to this initiative. Trump’s identification with Project 2025 digs deeper, given his outright willingness to challenge the status quo, a quality that is firmly embedded in the project’s DNA. For all his rhetoric, Trump was never afraid to tackle prevailing problems head-on or to propose solutions outside the traditional norms. This parallel between the disruptive approach of Trump’s policies and Project 2025’s objectives further strengthens their interdependence. The plethora of environmental regulations rolled back by his administration also interlaces Trump with Project 2025’s focus on energy independence. Noticeable

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