Clorox Still Feelin’ the Pinch from Last Month’s Cyberattack!

Clorox—the American manufacturing company behind the household cleaning and organization products—announced that the cyberattack that occurred last month is still affecting the company’s production. According to the incident report, hackers infiltrated the production systems and caused disruptions to production. The attack is believed to have stemmed from a malware incident that was initially detected on July 27. Since then, the company has put additional measures in place to protect its systems. This incident appears to be an old-fashioned attack involving malicious code rather than a ransomware-focused approach. In structured terms, this type of incident is known as a “brute force” attack. This means that the hackers were able to gain access to the production system by exploiting vulnerabilities and then gained access to confidential information or resources. Clorox was quick to identify the incident and immediately implemented contingency plans to deal with the disruption. Unfortunately, production has continued to be affected and it’s unclear when they’ll be able to return to normal operations. The company has stated that the security breach “has resulted in disruption and potential delays in our operations and customer service in some areas of the US and internationally”. While Clorox has not disclosed the exact nature of the cyberattack, experts believe that hackers may have deployed malware to seize control of the production system or gained access to classified information. The company has assured consumers that their customer and employee data is safe and that the impact of the attack was minimal. At the moment, it’s unclear whether the attack was intended to directly target Clorox or if it was merely an opportunistic attack. The incident highlights the importance of maintaining strong cybersecurity protocols in all areas of business to prevent the potentially damaging effects of cyberattacks.

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